The Historic Plaza

What do we love about the Plaza?

It's old. It's part of the history of Santa Fe.

It is part of New Mexico's culture.
It is the center of attention in Santa Fe.

The plaza is very beautiful.


The Plaza is a big part of our community that has a lot of history and special events that affect our lives here today.

There are a lot of places to eat, historical sites and various cultures and languages on the Plaza. The Plaza has a lot of history and fun activities to do.


Highilights include: FREE summer concerts, free special events like Spanish Market, Classic Car nights, 4th of July Pancakes, Indian Market, and Fiesta, including the annual Pet Parade!


The Plaza is a great place to sit and relax...and people watch! It is a popular tradition to sit on a bench and eat Frito Pie from the Five and Dime store (its delicious), ice cream, or fajita's from the cart vendor.


Also, just for the record, there is a cool Starbuks just one block down and a new local coffee shop with wifi at the back of the Plaza Arcade called 35 Degrees where we sat and built some of this website!

What You Need to KNow:


WHERE: The Center of Town
Between Palace and San Francisco Streets


OPEN: year-round
Through-traffic may be blocked during summer
and special events

"How big is the Plaza?"