The Food Depot

Wonderings: " How many volunteers help the Food Depot in a year?

I learned that poverty is a big problem in New Mexico and alot of people need food in our community. The food depot is tied to our community, because is helps feed people who don't have enough to eat all over Northern New Mexico.


The food depot provides people of our community food and necessities that they cannot afford. I learned how important food depots are. I learned how the food depot works and how the feed feed people in need. They don't deliver the food to the people, they just store it. I learned that the Depot can buy things that are not labeled and boxes that are open or with other little packaging defects that don't even matter or affect the product, and they can get it for less money.


We packaged beans that came in a giant sack with tons of beans. We packaged and sealed them into small bags and added a label. Some students made boxes. We packaged alot of beans for families in need.


I learned that there are a lot of families and kids that are hungry here in Santa Fe.
A lot of people get their food the Food Depot. The Food Depot helps our community solve the problem of hunger and poverty.

Special thanks to Nate - We really appreciated being of service!

Over 1500 volunteers helped the Food Depot deliver food for more than a million meals to people in need last year! Helping others by volunteering at the Food Bank is a great thing to do in

Santa Fe.