The State Capitol Building

Wonderings: " Why did they want it to be round?

The State Capitol is located at the

corner of Old Santa Fe Trail

and Paseo de Peralta in Santa Fe.


Known as the Roundhouse,

our state capitol building

is the only ROUND capitol building in the United States.

New Mexico became America's 47th state on Jan. 6, 1912

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WHERE: 411 State Capitol Santa Fe, NM 87501


Open Monday through Friday -  9:00am - 5:30pm

Open Saturdays AFTER Memorial Day & BEFORE Labor Day


Tours can be arranged by calling 505-986-4589.

The Capitol Building is where all legislative meetings are held. It is where they pass bills and have meetings. It is also where the Governor works.

Special thank to James and Aspen for a great tour...\and Fran Lucero for greeting us in the Governor's Office!

Wonderings: " How long did it take to build the Capitol Building?"

The Roundhouse was built by Robert E. McKee ajnd design by W.C. Kruger.

It is four stories and 232,000 square-feet. From above, it is shaped like the Zia sun symbol on the New Mexico state flag."The Zia sun symbol, which originated at Zia Pueblo, incorporates elements representing the sun's rays, the four directions, the four seasons, and the four phases of life."

The State Seal of New Mexico is carved in stone and hangs above each of the Roundhouse's four entrance wings.

"The Rotunda's design elements include New Mexico Travertine marble featuring a turquoise and brass mosaic depicting the New Mexico State Seal. The ceiling skylight of stained glass is patterned after a Native American basket weave symbolizing the sky and the earth."


New Mexico's state government is made up of three branches: the legislative, the executive and the judicial. The New Mexico Legislature consists of the House of Representatives with 70 members serving two-year terms, and the Senate, with 42 members serving four-year terms. The governor serves for a four-year term.

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