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Fun Fact: The cinema has 128 seats in the main hall auditorium and a separate VIP booth with seating for 4.


Fun Fact: Copies signed by the author of the book series Game of Thrones are available for sale at the Jean Cocteau Theater

Jean Cocteau Cinema

Jean Cocteaeu Cinema is in the Railyard. There is a great theater and there are tables in the lobby of the theater. They show a wide selection of films from all over the world and there are books for sale and a cafe bar. The theater also hosts book signings and special events.

What You Need to Know: The Jean Cocteau Theater


COST: usually nine to eleven dollars for tickets.


OPEN: Times depend on the first and last movie showing.


WHERE: 418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 466-5528




Special thank to David for meeting with us and doing an interview!

Wonderings: " Who painted the mural on the back of the building?

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