Hiking - Hyde Park

What You Need to KNow:







Special thank to Joshua for taking us out into the mountains!

There are lots of trails and places to hike or just be in nature all around Santa Fe! I learned that you dont need technology all the time and you can have fun outside in nature.

Hyde park is an important part of our community to experience nature.

People in the community go there to hike.

Hyde Park can calm you down and it can bring people together.


I leaned that theres a lot peace up there and its very beautiful. I noticed that there was a lot of trees that fell.I also learned the different survival techniques.


This place is very popular in Santa Fe.

This is a very relaxing place and I would like to come here more often.


I learned that you can do many things and actually enjoy them without having to be out in the city.


" How did Hyde Park get its's name?"

" How were

the trails made?"